Google AdWords Management for Nonprofits

Google Ad Grants is a program that provides nonprofits with $10,000 per month in free advertising. KilenIT will help your organization use this money to increase brand awareness, promote events, build your volunteer base, and connect with donors with Google AdWords management.

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Why Do You Need Google Ad Grants?

Your nonprofit probably doesn’t have a ton of money to spend on advertising. That’s why Google Grants makes so much sense! Who couldn’t use $10,000 in free advertising?

Google AdWords Management from KilenIT help you:


Get More Donations

Attract new donors with free, targeted advertising from Google. When they search, you’ll be there.

Find Volunteers

Find more volunteers through google searches. People who agree with your cause want to help.


Promote Events

Whether you’re throwing a gala fundraiser or a series of lunches, Google ads helps you get exposure.

Increase Awareness

Get your message out to true believers who agree with your purpose, but may not be familiar with your charity.

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What’s Included With Google AdWords Management?

Running a successful Google Grants AdWords account is complex and can take up your precious time. KilenIT’s team of PPC experts will help your nonprofit use the full $10,000 Google Grant each month, and free up your time to focus on running your organization.

So what does KilenIT Google AdWords Management look like?

No Setup Fees

Why should you have to pay for set-up if you don’t want to? We offer no set-up as an option for our services.

Free Application

Applying for a Google Grant can be tricky and time consuming. We’ll submit your applications at no extra cost.

PPC Experts

You’ll have yoru own Google AdWords account rep to manage your account and answer any of your questions.

Ad Creation and Development

We’ll learn about your organization to write truly engaging ad copy. You’ll have final approval of the ads before they go live.

Keyword Research

We’ll craft a list of eligible keywords to remain in good standing with Google while getting the results you want.

Worldwide Reach

You’ll be able to advertise across the globe, or in just your city. You can target your audience by zip code, city, state, or country.

Beyond the Advertising

You’ll receive a custom engagement strategy to convert your clicks from your ad to online donations or sign ups.

Weekly & Monthly Reports

We’ll send you a detailed Google Grant performance report on the first of the month as well as every Monday.

Landing Page Consultations

We’ll make sure that once your audience clicks your ad, your website will capture leads and donations.

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How We Work


Apply for Ad Grants

We work individually with each nonprofit to craft and submit a perfect Ad Grant application. So far 100% of our clients have been approved by Google.


Discuss Objectives

We will identify your campaign themes, key messaging, and KPIs. We also setup Google Analytics tracking to measure goal completions.

Approve and Launch

We conduct keyword research, write ad copy, specify targeting and bidding strategies using Google best-practices. Campaigns go live after getting client’s approval .


Measure + Optimize

We oversee, optimize and expand existing campaigns, report on performance, create seasonal campaigns and do other on-demand changes requested by our clients.

Google Grant Adwords Management Pricing

If you purchase your service today, you can be eligible for a 50% discount, no long-term contract, and no set-up fees for Premium and Executive Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ad group?

An ad group is a themed group of keywords (words people search for on Google) matching your ad title.

For example, an ad group titled “Domestic Violence Facts”, would include the following keywords: domestic violence facts, facts about domestic violence, interesting facts about domestic violence, etc. A higher amount of ad groups will result in higher budget spent per month.

Do more ad groups always result in higher budget spending per month?

This is usually the case, but not always. It ultimately depends on the monthly search volume of the keywords within an ad group and other scoring factors determining ad rank.

Can I promote my social media channels?

Unfortunately, you can not. It is mandatory that all ads point to the website associated with your nonprofit.

What is landing page consultation?

We provide consultation on how your landing page should be designed to generate potential supporters. We also provide web design services.

Can I move up or down on plans?

Yes, you may move up or down at any time. Once signed up, contact your account rep to change your plan at any time.

What are preset monthly meetings?

It is required that every nonprofit in the Executive Plan schedules a recurring monthly meeting with their account rep to go over performance and goals.

I have questions regarding my account.

If you’re on the Basic package, please email your account rep for support. If you’re on the Premium or Executive Plans, please schedule a phone conference with your dedicated account rep.

* Guaranteed Google Grant: We can not guarantee the Google Grant; however, we will apply on your behalf, if not awarded you will receive a 100% refund.

Let’s Get You Some Free Advertising!

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KilenIT will help you with Google AdWords management

Meet Josh!

He’s KilenIT’s namesake. He likes to be the first point of contact when a new client wants to sign up, so there’s a good chance you’ll hear from him. Just complete the form to get in contact with him or you can email him directly at

He will help you get $10,000 of free advertising from the largest search engine in the world and he will provide Google AdWords Management to engage your members and grow your nonprofit.

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